why choose us

Why Choose Us?

We provide an integrated and cost-effective solution

  • Our integrated approach together with our unique partnership means the use of multiple experts is not required, which reduces costs and court time.

  • Our forensic assessments go beyond simply describing behaviour, they identify the links between information processing and how this affects an indivdual's behaviour and functioning.

  • We provide a national forensic assessment and expert witness service, throughout the UK & Northern Ireland.


Our Assessments are robust & evidence-based

  • The knowledge within our partnership is extensive and is always evidence-based, it is no longer acceptable to simply describe presenting behaviour in complex cases.

  • The validity of reports is enhanced by using external coders and reviewers of attachment interviews to gain an accurate understanding of an individual or family functioning.

  • We specialise in the understanding of psychopathology within children and adolescents which has become a highly specialised field in its own right, and can no longer be considered a ‘bolt on’ in the field of forensic psychology.

  • Work in this field changes rapidly as developments in both attachment theory and the underlying neuroscience continue to increase our understanding of all human psychology, we therefore keep abreast of new knowledge, participate in and conduct on-going research.


We offer extensive training & expertise

  • As a partnership we have over 20 years' experience working in both private and public family law proceedings.

  • We have a wealth of training within the highly-specialist field of child forensic psychology.

  • A significant part of our expertise is meeting the requirements within criminal, civil and family proceedings and understanding risks that are presented in family cases in community settings, as well as those of the forensic populations.

  • To ensure high validity of our assessments we have undertaken comprehensive and lengthy training in the Dynamic-Maturational Model of Attachment & Adaptation (DMM) with Dr Patricia Crittenden.

  • Our skill-set is complementary and is therefore flexible to undertake highly complex family assessments.

  • We have court room experience as both single joint expert and sole expert witness.