Assessment Types

Specialist Child & Adolescent Forensic Assessment

We specialise in the assessment of children and adolescents who are at risk of becoming, or are already involved in the criminal justice system as perpetrators or victims. Our reports include full analysis, risk assessment and formulation and guidance on effective care planning on how to manage risks and the most effective and suitable intervention that may include treatment, support and placement. Assessments can include analysis of Achieving Best Evidence interviews, assessments of veracity, capacity and recidivism.


Child Care Proceedings & Child Protection Assessment

We have extensive experience of working within social child care and fully appreciate how the system operates and the realities of working within the overarching environment. We therefore value working collaboratively within a multidisciplinary approach, as recommended in the Norgrove report to ensure best outcomes. We specialise in complex case formulation working with large families that can at times be a challenge for local authorities to engage in meaningful intervention. Our unique way of working ensures reports although highly detailed, accurate and evidence-based are delivered within 4 to 6 weeks. We can be commissioned at either pre-proceedings or once proceedings have begun. We work within the 26 week timescale 'achieving faster and more robust outcomes' Norgrove (November 2011).


Adult Forensic Assessment

We are experienced in assessing adults in care proceedings, child protection, private family law, criminal law and those under the Mental Health Act. We ensure thorough and accurate analysis of motivation and the psychological processes that are fundamental to understanding an individuals emotions and behaviour. This information is crucial in formulating the most appropriate and potentially successful intervention.


Global Family Assessments

We specialise in the assessment of large and complex families. Our reports give an understanding of the history behind a family’s functioning and ways of relating. On the basis that children cannot be assessed in a vacuum, nor can parents and adults be understood separately from their children, other family members and their family history. We have an enormous body of research which supports the in-depth psychological understanding of how and why individuals act as they do within a family system. Therefore attachment assessment is of particular significance for making decisions about effective family intervention and care planning.


Complex Case Consultation

We offer case consultation and audit based accurate case formulation, which leads to improved outcomes. This is a cost-effective way to manage complex cases and minimises ineffective decisions, which can prolong a child's or vulnerable person's trauma, abuse or neglect. We can monitor cases as families change over time and new behaviours develop, which will need to be accurately understood to effectively manage risk.