UK Nationwide Forensic Assessment & Expert Witness Service


The in-depth understanding and explanation of the complex history, functioning and motivation of a family or individual fundamentally underpins the forensic assessment and expert witness service we provide. Throughout the UK and Northern Ireland we have built a reputation for accurate, balanced and compassionate psychological assessment of even the most intractable of cases.


Evidence-based Assessment

The psychological assessments we undertake include full analysis, which gives a comprehensive understanding of how and why individuals act and behave the way they do. The methods we apply ensure a high level of validity, and this forms the basis of our evidence-based forensic assessment reporting. Exclusively the structured professional judgement approach we apply reflects current scientific, empirical and clinical thinking, rather than simply clinical judgement made on opinion, or actuarial assessment alone. 


A cost-effective collaboration

Our integrated approach also works towards achieving current UK family Law reform aims of constructing more robust processes. This also ensures that the decisions that are made are enduring, and make measurable positive change for those involved. Together we bring a wealth of experience and our collaborative approach means we provide a realistic, best-fit and cost-effective solution. We remain actively engaged in clinical, academic and social policy research and this continues to inform and underpin our expert witness work.